Perpetual Cleaning

Perpetual Cleaning Stage 1
There are people cleaning old statues around the college. In a pair, one of you stands on a box fairly close to one of the cleaners and their statue. The other cleans you from head to toe using similar tools to the statue cleaners such as cotton wool, brushes and water. You begin when they begin. You take breaks when they take breaks. You go home when they go home. Interaction with each other and the cleaners should be kept to a minimum.

Perpetual Cleaning Stage 2
Now you have developed an affinity with the statue cleaners, you wish to aid them in their task. You must wait until they have left their station unoccupied. Each time they leave you must add materials to their cleaning kit, one item at a time. This may include topping up their water pots or adding items such as cotton wool balls, blue rubber gloves and brushes. They must not see you.