words from the year before

[When I google myself, I find out that I am A) a well-known bondage and S & M expert and B) work with very exciting ceramics.  The 6 degrees of separation theory means that I may well actually link to one of my doppelgangers (although this theory is now more accurately known as the 7 degrees theory, as statistically it averaged out at 6.6 degrees between people). Everything is connected.

At this particular moment in time I am listening to my heartbeat amplified through a stethophone, filling the room with the sounds of my body.  The things that I am interested in are rooted in well-trodden areas. Cliché’s. Over used romantic imagery. And yet, I can’t escape it. At one point I did try hard to strip things down, back to simplistic or emotionally neutral ideas. I gave up trying to do this. Life is hard enough.]