689 [Glasgow Open House Art Festival]



689 is an experimental collaborative exhibition exploring ideas of intimacy and female subjectivity in art, pop culture and self-projection. Bringing together two young artists – Claire Adams Ferguson and Rachael C. Gallacher – and a curator – Amélie Claude – they explore, experiment and expose their personal lives as a reflection of political and artistic issues. 
This is its blog… Welcome!

Claire Adams Ferguson, 23, Artist/Performer/Musician/Explorer of stuff. Claire likes listening to heartbeats, discovering lost truths and exploring the world. You can look for Claire in the dark office of CCA submerged by bills and administrative work but she always will find the time to talk to you. Claire has tried all manner of hairs styles and colours imaginable. Claires studio is her bed and she intends to keep it that way. Claire likes roast chicken, bratwurst and beer. (Written by Amélie Claude and Rachael C. Gallacher).

Rachael Catherine Gallacher, 25, Artist/Photographer. When Rachael is not busy running between CCA and GoMA she likes spending time with her loving dog Dusty, her partner Fraser and very selected friends. During rainy nights she can be caught watching Gilmore Girls and Sweet Valley High. Kitted out in one hand with her camera and in the other hand binoculars, Rachael is a new generation stalker. Rachael Gallacher doesn’t want to take pictures for Ikea. Rachael knows how to do nail art.(Written by Claire A. Ferguson and Amélie Claude).

Amélie Claude, 24, Freelance Curator of the spiritual variety. Amélie likes to fill her time with salsa dancing, eye contact and hummus. Amélie can be seen in Glasgow feeding and clothing 20 something art school graduates and indulging them in conceptual art and issues of sex and identity, agreeing to curate shows for them so they are not alone in the world. Amélie Claude does not know who Dolly Parton is. Amélie Claude has never heard of Dollywood. (Written by Claire A. Ferguson and Rachael C. Gallacher).