689 installation shots

List of Works
This isn't about me, dimensions variable, 2014. Claire Adams Ferguson, Rachael Gallacher, Amelie Claude.
1995-1996 Reexamined, framed photographs, 21.5x30cm, 2014. Rachael Gallacher
Eye Contact is the Most Problematic, digital video, 6:38, 2014. Claire Adams Ferguson
Nail Paint by Barry M, 150, Red Glitter, framed photograph, 52x42cm, 2014. Claire Adams Ferguson
Her and Me and You and Her, digital video, 8:39, 2014. Rachael Gallacher
But you're like, really pretty... So you agree? You think you're really pretty?, ink and watercolour on paper, 25x25cm, 2014. Rachael Gallacher