the figure in the room plays out

Woken in the soundless vacuum of night Arietta's pupils dilate with the pounding of her heart but she dare not unclench her fists, currently locked in at her chest. 
Jo sleeps.
Arietta is solid and her breath rises in a mist through cracked lips and crawls along the top of the duvet.
Jo sleeps.
There is a large black figure at the bottom right hand corner of the bed, the side on which Arietta lays. 
Jo sleeps.
The faceless figure stretched floor to ceiling, perhaps cloaked, perhaps winged, we are not sure at this point, seems to be pulsating or stretching out.
Jo sleeps. 
Some time passes and the fear with which Arietta was initially filled, dissipates to the point that she may release and move her arms. 
Jo is woken by Arietta.
Arietta motions towards the figure and tells Jo that she feels this creature may be equal parts good and evil and this is making her uncomfortable. 
Jo rolls over, dismissively telling Arietta to ask it to go away if it's bothering her. 
Arietta's feelings towards the figure have now reversed and she looks over at it acceptingly. 
Jo goes back to sleep.
The figure at the bed grows larger, bending over towards Arietta, spreading its arms or wings out to engulf her body and the rest of the bed.
Jo groans.
What silly games we play, Arietta laughs with the figure, let's go now.
Arietta and the figure leave. 
Jo sleeps.