Revolutions Rosie Emerson, Heidi Plant and Claire de Lune | Viking Gallery 8th - 19th March 2017 | Exhibition Preview Video by Harry Clegg


Artists Heidi Plant, Rosie Emerson and Claire de Lune present the group exhibition Revolutions, celebrating colour and material process with figurative works on paper, fabric and ceramic. Each artist works in a multidisciplinary way to explore fantasy, dreams and play.

PARTY Thurs 9th March 7 - 9pm
OPEN 8 – 19th March (Wed 8, then Thu-Sun) 12 - 6pm

Viking Gallery | 

Part of POW! Thanet Festival celebrating International Women's Day 2017 |

Cloud of Silver Linings

3 screen-print designs on 18" silver foil helium filled balloons
variable dimensions

The audience were invited to write notes of love, joy and encouragement on parcel tags and attach them to the forest of ribbon. The helium filled balloons were then released into the night sky. 

A limited run of printed balloons will be available to purchase as artist editions, with an accompanying print.

Installed at W.A.N.K International Women's Day Festival Exhibition, Fish Factory Arts, Falmouth, and When I dream, I dream of you, solo show, HB55, Berlin.

cloud_dancing ladies_cloud_edition.jpg
cloud_round lady cloud_img_edition.jpg

When I dream, I dream of you

(solo show)
HB55, Berlin
May 2016

Opening event Friday 13th May.

Showcase of all new works including watercolour and acrylic painting, film, and glazed ceramics.

click here to download the works list PDF

WHAM-BAM-LECTURE-LECTURE: Information Speculation

(2hour) Performance Lecture
March 2012
Inspace, Edinburgh

β€œAttempts are being made by each one of us to make some sense of the constant stream of social, audio, spatial, visual, local and global information in which we find ourselves precariously spinning.

Each of us attempts to do so equipped with approximately 1.4kg of electrolysed grey matter. At this moment in time no method has yet been employed by the human race to absorb and funnel this data to a satisfactory level.

The IDS is dedicated to developing it's own idiosyncratic concepts of communication and information, knowledge and expertise. They aim to dissolve these structures and wallow somewhere in between imagination and anxiety, taking pleasure in the inevitable impossibility of it all.”

Recording of the event, in full or in part, was permitted. All documentation by audience.


Brought together through the mutual admiration of and hunger for information, the Information Delivery Service is a simultaneously semi- fictitious and hyper-real organisation that idiosyncratically investigates information of all kinds, genres, breeds and descriptions. Our inaugural appearance in March 2012, titled WHAM-BAM-LECTURE-LECTURE, presented the topic of Information Speculation. We used this opportunity to report back the findings of our analysis into our attempts to navigate, filter and consume information. We also discussed effects of information overload on our health, psyche and philosophy and suggested possible coping mechanisms, models and solutions that can be applied. Now our foundational structure is firmly in place, the IDS plans to present a series of case studies using our knowledge progression models to absorb and deliver information.

CLUTCHING AT STRAWS SINCE 1989: Associate Claire Adams Ferguson, Associate Hazel France, Associate Faith Limbrick