My Story

Claire de Lune is a Scottish ceramic artist and painter living and working in the sunny seaside town of Margate.

Claire started her multi-media art practice in Edinburgh before relocating to Glasgow, London and Berlin. Her playfulness with materials was evident from the start, and she has now created her own immersive world of characters and symbols, little talismanic islands of love and hope for the viewer.

Her ceramics practice is a labour of love, her family- the Adams - in Staffordshire having made ceramics and pottery since the 1400s. Her work is both a reflection and continuation of this historical family practice.

Claire fell in love with clay and for two years was working and exhibiting in Berlin, learning about clay, experimenting with glazing techniques and refining her ceramic characters, culminating in some well received solo shows, and group exhibitions.

Through dreams, storytelling, and cross cultural archetypes, her characters reflect a playful romantic world of interaction, relationship, and human contact.

 Image by Caroline Dyal  for ‘Portraits of Margate"‘

Image by Caroline Dyal for ‘Portraits of Margate"‘

 Claire de Lune in the studio

Claire de Lune in the studio

Her love of art and exploration has led her to develop a series of handmade functional and household objects, as well as sculptural works, because she believes artwork and ideas should be accessible to all, and that art can have many roles in day to day life.

Claire has exhibited throughout the UK and Europe, including the Gallery of Modern Art (Glasgow), Mexico Project Space (Leeds), HB55 (Berlin), Fishfactory Arts (Falmouth), and SWG3 (Glasgow).

She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012.


Selected Exhibitions and Events

November 2017: Objects D'Art, Winter Group Exhibition, Morningside Gallery, Edinburgh
October 2017: Art Licks Weekend 2017, commission by SPUR, London
September 2017: Open Art, group exhibition, Lovelys Gallery, Margate
August 2017: Second Chances, group exhibition with Harry Pye, Gavin Toye, Twinkle Troughton & Jessica Voorsanger, 64a Gallery, Whitstable
May 2017: Rainbow Roots, group exhibition, Flat 38 with Obsessions Salon, Ramsgate
March 2017: Revolutions (with Rosie Emerson and Heidi Plant), Viking Gallery, Margate
Jan 2017: Flat 38 Opening, group show, Margate
May 2016: When I dream, I dream of you. (Solo Show), HB55, Berlin
March 2016: W.A.N.K: International Women’s Day Festival Exhibition, Fish Factory Arts, Falmouth
October 2015: Lange Nacht der Bilder Lichtenberg,  HB55 Open Studios in Lichtenberg arts festival, Group Exhibition and live painting performance with Rufus Dayglo, Berlin
April 2015: Musé Presents Cosmic Nomads, Group Exhibition, IPSE, Berlin
July 2014: Draw In, Group Exhibition, St Margaret's House, Edinburgh
May 2014: Atelier Public #2, Contributing Artist, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
April 2014: 689, Collaborative project with Rachel Gallacher & Amelie Claude, Glasgow Open House Art Festival, Glasgow
October 2013: You blink at the plughole, Group exhibition and performance, Mexico Project Space, Leeds
Jan 2013: Soundscaping, Group Exhibition, SWG3 Glasgow
June 2012: Intermedia Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art
April 2012: The Information Delivery Service: Micro Scenario: Courtyard. Causewayside, Edinburgh
March 2012: WHAM BAM LECTURE LECTURE PART 1: Information Speculation, official one night performance lecture and installation by The Information Delivery Service, Edinburgh, Inspace.
November 2011: Before You Sleep. Surreptitious invitation based one night event across four different locations in Edinburgh.
October 2011: (four), Group exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art.
March 2011: A History of Accidents, Group exhibition, 183 Dalry Road, Edinburgh.
August 2010: 1134, Doris and Lubin, collaborative work. Group exhibition, part of Edinburgh Arts Festival, Komachi, Edinburgh.
April 2010: Sorry Dr Strangeglove, Group exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art.
April 2010: Circles and Squares, collaboration with Hazel France, The WOT, George 4th Bridge, Edinburgh.
March 2010: Exhibition no.14, Doris and Lubin, collaborative solo show, Komachi, Edinburgh.
October 2009: Carnation, Group exhibition, Komachi, Edinburgh.


2012: Andrew Grant Bequest Prize for Travel


2013: Editions (group digital exhibition and publication) plus launch night event The Art School, Glasgow
2013: Vain and Able (online gallery) featured in editorial
2013: You Blink At The Plughole, exhibition publication
2010: (a)(b) Aelyn Belyn, residency book, published by Edinburgh College of Art


2016: ‘Hollow’ Research Intern, the history of the planet with artist Katie Paterson and Zeller & Moye, public artwork for Bristol
2012: Croatia research and recording trip, funded by Andrew Grant Bequest
2010: Berlin Residency; (a)(b) Aelyn Belyn, with Katie Patterson and accompanying exhibition at Matthew Bown Gallery.


First Class BA (hons) Intermedia Art, Edinburgh College of Art 2012

 At the DIY Art Market, Rich Mix, London

At the DIY Art Market, Rich Mix, London

Exhibition Preview Video Revolutions with Rosie Emerson, Heidi Plant and Claire de Lune at Viking Gallery March 2017