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Flat38 Exhibition & Opening Night

Flat38, Exhibition #1

28 – 29 January 2017
Exhibition Open: 12 – 4pm
Opening Night: 28th, 7 - 11pm

Flat38 is a new, intimate gallery in Margate. For our opening exhibition, we will be showcasing the work of local, national and international artists. Occupying gallery and performance spaces, the work on show will encompass 2D, sculpture, video projections and live performance.

Our opening night will be a private event with a donation bar. You are welcome to invite friends and family! On the day, please text the **GALLERY HOTLINE** on 07923426532 for the address & details of how to get into the building, or contact us using the info below.

Exhibiting Artists:

Alice Steffen
Steffen's work embodies her exploration and experiences with language, pop culture, stereotypes, class and identity. These themes are taken from everyday experiences, segregation of class-based social systems and extreme environmental comparisons of class.

Charlie Cameron
Local artist Charlie Cameron creates bold, striking designs through an exploration of found symbols, collage and markmaking - shot through with vivid print techniques.

Claire de Lune
Claire de Lune is a Scottish ceramic artist and painter living and working in Margate. She has created her own immersive world of characters and symbols, little talismanic islands of love and hope for the viewer.

Claire Orme
Claire Orme investigates the histories and secrets etched within and upon spaces and objects, attempting to unlock the landscape of mysteries hidden by the conventional methods of experiencing the world.

Liene Steinberga Cesar
Liene Steinberga Cesar explores how she tackles the confines of social and political stereotyping. For the exhibition Cesar will be presenting photographs, together with her first ever live performance.

Louisa Love
Love's work explores ideas of materiality, objectness and production through a multilayered practice encompassing sculpture, installation, writing, research, curation, walking and collaborative activity.


Devonanon is a collaboration between Margate musician Richard Greenan and Scottish pop auteur John B McKenna, of Malmö in Sweden. They will be presenting an audio-visual performance of their album 'City of All Times', a collage of field recordings and songs recorded across Europe.

Phil Maguire
Phil Maguire makes reductive music with computers and recordings of objects. In this live performance, Maguire hopes to investigate issues of identity and place via timbral qualities of sounds stumbled upon in day-to-day life: environment, software, internet.

NTS Radio's Sam Bristow (aka videogamemusic) will be soundtracking Flat38's opening party. Prepare yourselves for near future reaffirmation - effortlessly gliding between smog-heavy trap, uneasy ambient soundscapes, digital drone and flood-lit future sonata.

Later Event: March 8