Tris Vonna-Michell
Auto-Tracking: Ongoing Segments, 2008
Performance at Jan Mot, Brussels

In the installation Auto-Tracking, Vonna-Michell combined this visual material to form a story, in which several narrative strands interconnect. He told stories and recounted the history of places, people and objects and, in this, created a reality that interwove historical facts and fictions in a multitude of possible narratives. The two-part installation consisted, first, of a telephone station, with the help of which Vonna-Michell entered into direct contact with the viewers through an intimate dialogue, and, through specially selected images spread out on a table, further developed the performance in oral form with a breathtaking fast-speaking performance. For the second part, an almost identical installation was set up in another room of the Kunsthalle, in which the received calls were collected and archived.