BBC Two Made In Great Britain

made in great britain bbc two series

I was away from the studio this summer, but I'm so excited to be able to announce my part in the new 6 part series 'Made in Great Britain' coming to BBC Two on the 26th October.

Myself and 3 other creatives took a journey in to Britain's manufacturing past to celebrate and reveal the incredible, surprising stories behind some of the iconic products that made the UK famous around the world.

The series, described as "rich and pleasurable", is led by the wonderful Steph McGovern and produced by DSP.

Filming was inspiring, challenging and took me on a personal journey I will truly never forget. I'll be on Radio 4 Saturday Live on October 20th to talk a little more about it!

Lots more information to come, but until then you can check out the website of my beloved fellow makers, and friends, who shared the journey with me -

Charlton Nicoll -
Katie Ventress -
Jason Stocks-Young -