Kirstie's Celebrity Craft Master


Oh hello!

I’m thrilled to announce that earlier this year - feels like a LOONG time ago - I took part in a new Channel 4 series - Kirstie’s Celebrity Craft Master!

The show is like Strictly Come Dancing with glue guns and crochet hooks, with celebrities battling it out to become the ultimate Craft Master.

You’ll see my face on 4 episodes as a “Craft Expert”, assisting my celebrities on their craft challenges, before they battle it out head to head in the studio.

The show starts on July 1st at 5pm, and I will be in the following episodes :

Susan Coleman & Mark Dolan – Tues 2nd July 
Wendi Peters & Ricky Groves – Thurs 4th July 
Aggie MacKenzie & Mark-Francis Vandelli– Tues 16th July 
Anneka Rice & Cheryl Baker – Fri 19th July

I can’t wait to find out what everyone else was making!

Hope you enjoy it when you tune in!

Claire de LuneComment